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Selling Your Mansfield CT Home Can Be Scary. Biggest Seller Boo Boos! 

Helicoptering a Showing

Much like helicopter parenting, hovering is unhealthy for a successful viewing of your home.  The buyer is uncomfortable and can’t express their true feelings and their agent should direct them to not tip their hand by showing interest.  So what have you accomplished by being there?  The showing will end prematurely and the buyer could miss some appealing attributes of your property by making an early exit.


Overlooking or Delaying Repairs

If you want to sell for the most money possible make repairs to known issues before you putting your home on the market.  Frequently, these issues are known and long-standing and as the current residents, you have long employed work-arounds to save time, inconvenience or money.  You may consider hiring a home inspector for a “pre-inspection” to identify issues that will likely impact the sale.  If you don’t want to or can’t afford to make the recommended repairs or updates yourself, at least get quotes to provide the buyer if and when it becomes an issue. If repairs are ultimately negotiated in the purchase agreement you’ll have a heads up to the likely concessions you may have to make or costs for the buyer.


Your Home is Underdressed

Stage like you’re going to live there.  Wash every window.  Wash floors, repaint, clean or remove old window treatments or buy new inexpensive ones.  Eliminate all clutter.  Remove personalized items, photos and belongings that you can do without until you move.  Your house has become less of a home and more of a product at this stage.

And do this before the photographer comes.  You want your home to appear well maintained and cared for.  Deferred maintenance can be indicative of other larger deferred issues and ones that will scare away many buyers.  Unflattering photos will be the death blow to your first impression online. 


Overpricing Your Home

The days of overpricing your home and hoping no one will notice are officially over. The abundance of real estate apps, maps, public records, photos and video have given consumers access to nearly the same data that Realtors have, including closed prices and days on market.  If your house is not competitively priced it is an outlier discoverable by anyone with the most rudimentary computer skills. 

You can avoid making frightful mistakes when you sell or buy a home by hiring a professional Realtor.  At Home Selling Team our collective experience, local knowledge and team training give you all the tools to avoid a horror show of a real estate transaction.  Contact us and we’ll put our expertise to work for you—no tricks, just treats.