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Home Selling Team Sold 1 Out of 5 Homes in Your Town in 2018

The numbers are in and we crushed it again in 2018!   Home Selling Team grabbed the top spot with 259 sales and a 20.3% market share in our 20-town region, the next closest company at 140 sales and a 10.97% market share. 

How'd we do it you ask?  A roster of accomplished full-time real estate professionals focused on training, education, service, marketing, collaboration and synergy with a dash of grit and a healthy dose of fierce determination.  

I recently wrote a blog post on how to help birds survive the harsh conditions and bone-chilling cold this winter.  Bird survival rates improve in the winter when we help them by providing extra food, water, and places for warming and shelter. 

How does a real estate agent survive the often harsh market conditions and fierce competition amongst their peers—some of which have other full-time employment or who are in the business primarily to buy and flip investment properties—and how can we ensure not only their survival but their success?

Real estate agents are not "employees" of the company that they are affiliated with. They are independent contractors paid solely by sales commissions.  They return to the nest for food (leads), water (training), warming (support) and shelter (brick and mortar) but they are largely flying solo. They incur expenses daily in their business that are not reimbursed and they are not paid until and if a closing takes place. The money they earn is then shared at varying ratios with the affiliated office and any referral source if applicable.  In avian-speak, your agent may be soaring like an eagle in July and  hunkered down like a tufted titmouse on the suet feeder in December.  

Agents are increasingly responsible and compelled to promote themselves online and through any other means to gain and keep your attention and loyalty.  Check out the agent reviews (all 225 of them) on our website.   Write a review for your agent if you were satisfied with the service you received.  Talk them up if you know of someone looking to buy or sell real estate.  Refer your agent as you would a product on Amazon or a book to your book club.  Shop local.  Support your local economy. 

If you contact HST and want to work with someone specifically, say so.  Conversely, if you want to work with HST but not your previous agent, tell us that too and we will reassign you to an agent that is a better fit for you.  If you are looking for us and our agents, please fly direct.  If you stop at Zillow or Homelight on your way, it comes at a cost to us—often a 25% referral just for the pleasure of them riding along side us—the soaring eagles. And we don't need and didn't ask for an escort.