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Get Real! 5 Truths for Spring Sellers

Spring is upon us.  Every year the spring real estate market arrives armed with new challenges, new competition, and new ideas about the best way to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.   Most of the advice populating blogs and real estate sites today is redundant and ignores the emotional preparedness and detachment that can facilitate an optimal  sale.  

A new planter or new welcome mat is, well, a new planter and a new welcome mat.  What’s needed is something you can’t get at Target, a new mindset. 


  1.  Start thinking of your home as a product.  Mentally commit to selling.  Decluttering and dismantling collections of stuff that define you and your family is part of breaking the emotional connection to your home.  If you want to maximize your price a buyer must be able to envision how your home can accommodate them, their interests and their families.  A clean slate will inspire buyers to have that vision.  


  1. Clean your home (product).  And I don’t mean with a Swiffer.  I mean a thorough cleaning. Hire someone if you can afford to.  We can give you a recommendation if you need one.  Top to bottom, floors, doors, windows, all surfaces.  Repaint rooms that are dingy where a thorough cleaning is not a sufficient improvement.   Align all doors, eliminate all squeaks, and make sure all cabinet hardware is present and operational.  A clean home implies a maintained home, maintenance is paramount particularly when you are buying anything previously loved.  If you find yourself suddenly single, is your profile pic on a shot of you hung over and unshaven in a dirty robe covered in cat hair?  Probably not.


  1. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.  Yes, I know you’ve done your best with what you’ve got.   But maybe you’ve got no eye for design?  You are the proud owner of a challenging floor plan, awkward room sizes or a generalized bad flow?   Consider hiring a stager to assist with furniture placement /replacement and take the focus off the major crimes inherent in your home, your product.  We have recommendations for that as well. 


  1. Open your eyes.  Closing your eyes tightly and wishing for the best outcome has not been an effective strategy since the Wizard of Oz.  Pay attention to the market updates you receive from your agent.  Look for price adjustments, new inventory, properties under deposit.  Visit an open house of a similar property.  What do they offer that you do or don’t.  Accept truth when you see it.  It’s not personal.  It’s supply and demand.


  1. Listen to your agent  If you’ve been supplied sufficient data by your agent you should be able to draw your own conclusion as to what the likely selling price will be.   Unfortunately, need has no relation to value in real estate.  Your property will sell for what the market will bear but maybe not for what you need.  You may decide that your property is worth more to you than what you can get now.  You can sit tight and wait for more favorable conditions.  You will have a choice to make:  Is it the money or the move?   Or you can click your heels and see what happens— that is after you get your new welcome mat and planter.