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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent in the Mansfield Storrs UConn CT Area? Read the Reviews!

I started my morning with this email:

As real estate is about location, location, location...In our experience, so too is the Realtor. Jeanne helped and orchestrated the removal of wretched tenants and then the sale of our home in under 24 hours. By far the best money we spent in selling our home of over 20 years.

Prior to working with Jeanne and our tenants, we had our property listed for over fifty days. After not one offer in that time, we decided to rent for 16 months. We truly were in desperation after 16 months and within a property nightmare. Jeanne stepped in, and literally saved the day. We cannot thank her enough and share the amazing success we had with the sale of our home.  After 31 days of repair, our house received our first full price offer, then the next day we received a backup offer. 

We consider ourselves very fortunate and thankful for meeting Jeanne and will continue to use her services and insight in the future. 

For demonstration purposes, this is about as good as it gets for a client review for real estate services rendered.  And it doesn’t stop there or with Jeanne individually. 

We have an additional 247 reviews at reflecting the many talents and varied expertise of everyone at Home Selling Team.

Take a look for yourself:

All the information you need is at your fingertips when choosing a Realtor for your sale or purchase.  Want a full-time professional agent?  That’s all we have.  Have concerns about concrete?  Talk to us. We'll share what we know for buyers and sellers.   Need a personal connection?  Interview as many as agents as you need to to get the right fit for you.  This requires a slight amount of homework but no more or less than you would research a daycare, a new job or a gym membership. What do you do?  You read the reviews.

It may be more convenient for you to outsource your due diligence but remember that once you put those search terms into your browser, top agent in Mansfield, best agent in the UConn area, best agent in Tolland County, there are many companies such as Home Light, Zillow, CRS Referral Exchange & that will quickly capture and offer up your information in exchange for at least a 25% referral commission from us—thus we are compelled to pursue you and report to them our results just so we can continue a viable existence in our own town, in our chosen profession.