Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We Were Impressed With Jeanne's Honesty Jeanne exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our sale. There was nothing to improve upon and we recommned her highly to everyone.

Carol Webb Was a Lifesaver! We give Carol high marks for her help in getting our property sold for us. We were selling or business and our home and moving out of state, so timing was crucial to us. Carol even put her handyman to work for us to cover issues that we were unable to address at the time. Thanks for everything!

Paul Tamsin Listened After searching for a home for over a year and working with several different real estate agents, I had Paul Tamsin of Home Selling Team help me. He really listened to what I was looking for and helped me understand the process of buying a home. He found me the home I'm now living in and I love it. I highly recommend signing with Paul Tamsin.

A Difficult Decision Made Easier with Sue Esposito's Help Thanks to Sue's help, I was able to tackle this very difficult task and make it a breeze. By using the service providers that you recommended I was able to accomplish almost everything even before my move! It was reassuring to have all my questions answered completely and my phone calls returned promptly.

Georgieanna goes above and beyond what I expected from a realtor. She maintains constant communication with her client, follows up with and prompts the other agents; (I sold and bought a new home with Georgieanna's help); and is very knowledgeable about the trade. She also brings in her experience of the building trade and will advise on the condition/cost/and risks of pertinent situations. Georgieanna is also very patient and willing to travel for hours to help her client find "that right home". Her caring demeanor does not end with the signing of the papers. She follows up with her client making sure that all is well. I cannot recommend Georgieanna highly enough. She is a precious asset to HST and has been a gem to me.

Carol Webb Know How To Sell Real Estate We give Carol an A+ on her sales ability and expertise. We were very pleased with the service we received from our Realtor, Carol Webb. We will be sure to refer friends and family to her if they are in need of a real estate professional.

Georgieanna is our realtor and we consider her part of the family!. She has sold two parcels of land for us in Lebanon, and she has been helping during the last three years to find a suitable house for us as we work toward downsizing. (She listed and sold a house for my daughter in Mansfield and helped her find another home for her family too) We have been thoroughly satisfied with her help and assistance in accomplishing these sales . She is very knowledgeable in all aspect of the real estate business and we highly recommend her to anyone wishing to sell or purchase real estate.

Brian McCarthy was the agent for the sale of our house in CT twice, first to a couple who ultimately could not afford to live in the house and then to the woman to whom we had given the mortgage. She was ready simply to walk away from the house and leave it to us to foreclose (which we really did  not want to do), He helped us persuade her to put the house back on the market and guided her through the process, in the course of which he found local vendors to help upgrade the condition of the property and who were willing to wait for the sale to be paid--which they were. Everyone came out of this happily.

You will never have to worry about whether or not Tim is working hard enough for you -- whether you are buying or selling a home. He is a conscientious and detail oriented professional. With his friendly boy next door personality, easy and generous laugh, and willingness to go above and beyond  he is a real asset to the Home Selling Team and to the clients he represents. He will always do what he says he is going to. He's kind and generous with his time, he'll do everything he can to keep the level of stress at a minimum (easier said than done during this process). Tim keeps things moving along the high road; he doesn't seem to get caught up in the drama or negativity that can sometimes insinuate itself in to the home buying process. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who will work as hard or care as much about getting the job done as Tim.

We Think of Jeanne Crum as Our Friend and Our Realtor Jeanne was quite patient with us and accompanied us on many "hikes" while looking for a suitable property. We were in the market for a long time before we found something we were interested in. Jeanne is welcome to use us as a reference for potential clients.

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