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A 12-Month Plan to Sell Your Home


golfer tortoiseWhen it comes to selling your home, are you the tortoise or the hare?  Is there an impetus to your move (job transfer, divorce?) or are you in the retirement planning stage, downsizing, or moving to a second home?   Do you want a step-by-step orderly process that you can schedule with the end game in mind or are you ready and willing to bolt as soon as possible

The plan below is a 12-month plan that can easily be accelerated to meet anytime frame that suits your needs.hare

One Year Out From Selling

Start the decluttering process

Plan tackling one room a week.  Keep only what you’ll need to and what you really can’t part with.   Clear out a place in your home (or rent storage) to neatly organize boxes or bins and extra furniture to store belongings you’ll be keeping but don’t have a function in your “for-sale-home.”

9 Months From Sale

Repair, repaint, replace old fixtures and spruce up all living spaces inside and out. Hire a contractor as needed for plumbing, electrical and structural repairs and updates.

6 Months From Sale

 Look for a real estate agent.  Establishing a relationship early will prepare you both for the marketing and sale.  Ask for a recommendation for a home inspector.  Have the inspector do a thorough inspection and provide a report which will alert you to issues that will probably arise in your sale.   Make repairs, replacements and heed the advice.

4 Months From Sale

Shed extra furniture and belongings.  Clean out the attic, garage and basement of unnecessary items.  You can post on Facebook Marketplace for sale, have a tag sale, post to a Buy Nothing site or donate to WAIM or another charity.  Ask your agent for a recommendation of a stager that can provide a consultation to be sure you are optimizing your square footage with correct furniture placement and making sure your interior is bright and inviting. 

2 Months From Sale

Gather any paperwork, maps, surveys, warrantees, or manuals that can assist in the transfer of your property to a new owner.  Fill out your seller disclosures and any paperwork your agent asks you to complete for marketing purposes.  Disclose everything you know about the property. 

6 Weeks From Sale

Up your curb appeal.  Trim trees, shrubs and bushes as needed.  Clean up flower beds and re-mulch.  Paint the front door if needed.  Get a new welcome mat.  Replace outdoor fixture if broken or extremely dated.

4 Weeks From Sale

Deep clean the bathrooms and kitchens. Clean, repair, replace window treatments, shades, light fixtures and hardware. 

3 Weeks From Sale  

Finalize plans with your real estate agent.  Review price and marketing plan, open house, signage, negotiation strategies, timing, and any special circumstances or conditions.  Review showing instructions and make plans for kids, pets or housemates for showing times.

2 Weeks From Sale

Specialty /professional cleaning.  Power wash exterior surfaces that need it, windows, exhaust fans, walkways and decks or patios.  DIY or hire a professional cleaning company.  Schedule professional photos with your agent.

1 Week From Sale

Do a final cleaning.  Scrub the fridge, the oven, dust ceiling fans, wipe cabinets and all surfaces.  Stash all valuables, cash, weapons, and prescription drugs off-site with a trusted friend unless you can safely secure in the home. 

1 Day From Sale

Review showing instructions with your agent and contact information for all family members and residents to ensure an orderly showing process for both you and the agents showing your home. Have a plan in place for pet management and/or removal for all showings and a plan for humans too!  No one should be present in the home during buyer showings unless exceptions are established between you and your agent.