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New Pledge of $100M Cements Replacement of Crumbling Basements

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If you are an active or pending claimant in line for replacement funding the news coming from CFSIC is very encouraging, as long as you are fully participating and doing your part. With $100 million in new funding over 4 years beginning July 1, 2022, CFSIC will begin to address the 600+ Pending Claimants 3-4 years earlier than previously [...]

Number of Crumbling Basement Pending Claimants Approaches 600

crumbling basement in willington ct

As a local real estate company in Mansfield we are experiencing increasing contact with homeowners new to the pending claimant status at Connecticut Foundation Solutions Idemnity Company (CFSIC).   Confusion abounds about the meaning of this status and the implications for sellers and buyers. 

Although CFSIC has been very clear about what a pending claimant is and is not, it seems people are either not reading or failing to grasp the concise and plentiful information that flows [...]

Will the Vaccine Provide Housing Inventory the Shot in The Arm it Needs?

The Spring Market Starts Now

Home prices are climbing in Tolland & Windham counties thanks to plunging inventory in 2020 and 2021 year-to-date and a surplus of buyers willing to engage in a bidding war for the few homes available.  If you are a seller in Tolland County, days on the market has been halved from 42 days in 2020 to 21 as of February 2021, likewise for [...]

King Real Estate Team Opens in Tolland CT

King Real Estate Office

Home Selling Team is pleased to announce that Broker Associate Noah “King in Real Estate” has opened King Real Estate Team LLC, a real estate office in the Tolland Pizza plaza at 235 Merrow Road (Route 195) in Tolland CT.  Real estate consultations will be available by appointment at the new office or by phone or Zoom.  Real estate services [...]

Mansfield's Home Selling Team Agents Tops in 2020

CT Realtors

Like many others, we had to skip our annual agent recognition event this year.  In the past we have visited different venues for a welcome one-day respite from the stress of a full-time sales career including an escape room, axe throwing, bowling and a painting class.  All these outings were great fun and revealed some surprising strengths [...]

Real Estate Boom in Eastern CT Driven by Cramped Spaces, Virtual Schooling, Out of State Buyers, Low Interest Rates

2020 Top 10 Companies: HST #1 in 2 Categories

2020 started with a bang!   January was strong and we scratched our heads at the demand, which is not typical in this neck of the woods just coming off the holidays and facing a couple of grim winter months.  February looked promising and we felt blessed with an early spring market.  In early March,  as COVID arrived in New England and many [...]

I Went To The Woods Because I Wished To Escape Social Media

take a hike ashford ct

I finally visited one of Mansfield’s newest preserves, the Simpson-Wood Preserve on Route 89 across the road from the Mt. Hope Park.  It is an easy 2 mile trail among 114 acres of woods with some beautiful ledges and stonewalls.  There are a couple of “alternate routes” that skirt slight inclines if you prefer strictly level hiking.  [...]

Gimme Shelter. Housing Stock Craters in Windham and Tolland CT Counties

Listings in Windham & Tolland Counties

Seems as though housing has gone the way of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and canned goods at the tail end of 2020 and early into 2021.  The cupboards are bare.  Inventory was tight all year and wise [...]

Have You Experienced a UFO (Unintended Failing Offer)? Beware The Alien Agent!

Alien with Human

What Makes A Buyer A Loser?     Beware the Alien Agent!


: belonging or relating to another person, place or thing.  

: relating belonging or owing allegiance to another country or government. 

: differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility.

Check.  Check.  Check. 



The proliferation of cloud based real [...]