NY Buyers:  Give Us Your Tired and COVID-Weary.  Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free.   

I’ve got to say that Connecticut has done a damn good job of containing the spread of COVID-19.  As of this post we are one of only 4 states in the U.S. that have declining infection rates. In the Mansfield UConn Eastern Connecticut markets we are receiving inquiries and selling properties to an increasing number of NY buyers and other [...]

Zillow's Alternative Facts About Your Home Are Not Your Realtor's Fault

We’ve received more complaints from sellers that their Mansfield Storrs area listing is not appearing on Zillow and/or it is appearing with inaccurate information. If you are a seller who is also open to renting, and we add your property as a rental to the Mulitple Listing Service (MLS) it will replace your for sale listing on [...]

For Home Buyers in the Pandemic, the Shelves Are Bare.  For Sellers, Their Cup Runneth Over.


Buyers are clamoring for more than toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  They are looking for houses as well.  Are you considering selling? Price your home competitively. Do some deep cleaning, de-cluttering, minor repairs and maybe a little staging and start packing.  Better yet, does your home have some challenges such as a shared driveway, [...]

Double Threat:  Homeowners in the Grips of Crumbling Basement Epidemic Now Facing Pandemic Fallout

We are now in the midst of a global pandemic.  There is so much that we don’t know about the virus such as why a young and otherwise healthy person becomes ill and an elderly person manages to survive.  It is the randomness and insidiousness that is so frightening and makes us question what the future holds in store.  Basic assumptions you [...]

Mansfield Storrs Real Estate Market Continues to Thrive Under Weight of Pandemic

Storrs Mansfield Real Estate Market Continues to Thrive Under Weight of Pandemic

Thanks to milder temps in the northeast and a mostly snow-less winter we were seeing a surge of activity in the real estate market as early as January.  January 2020 was the new March!  In March we had 21 new listings and 32 deposits and most of [...]

Come Hell And High Water: How to Manage the Increasing Rainfall On Your Property

New England has been experiencing more rainfall and more intense storms due to the increasing amounts of CO2 in our atmosphere which  is effectively an insulating blanket around our planet, pushing temperatures on land and sea to rise.  In Rhode Island, known as the ocean state, annual precipitation has risen by 5 inches since 1950 and the [...]

HST Agents, Buyers, Sellers and Coronavirus

As local real estate professionals we are doing our best to keep our agents, clients and employees safe.  Like every other business with public access we have established some protocols to eliminate as much risk as we can while meeting the needs of our clients and ourselves.  These protocols and suggestions may be quickly out of date as this [...]

You Just Got Skunked!  Five Reasons Buyers Are Missing Their Perfect Home

A really nice listing came up last week. One that, at first glance, I figured will sell quickly and at full price and maybe even in a multi-bid situation.  I was contacted by 5 people via, all prospective buyers apparently lacking agent representation and all requesting showings for the following week (3-8 days later.) As I [...]

No Snow? No Worries! The Winter Real Estate Market in Mansfield Is Too Hot for Skiing

The real estate market is surging with buyers and sellers this January and so far this month.  Following an unusually cold November and a dismal December for listing inventory, the snow-less landscape and warmer temps are producing a spike of activity that we usually don't see until late March and April.  The lack of inventory is still a [...]

Moving? How and Where to Get Rid of Your Stuff in the Mansfield and Windham CT Area

You've sold your home.  That was the easy part.  Now you've got to get rid of years of accumulated stuff in the attic, basement, garage, shed, spare bedroom and beyond.  Where to turn?  If you don't have the time or desire to do it yourself , you can hire a professional organizer or clean out company.   We have a couple of recommendations [...]