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Will You Buy A House This Week? 

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Who's In the Mood to Celebrate? Mansfield, That's Who!

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The 2022 Celebrate Mansfield Festival at Downtown Storrs will be held Saturday, September 24th 2-8 pm. Shrug off the pandemic blues and celebrate all that the Mansfield Storrs UConn community has to offer at this free family event.  Don’t worry about the parking!  You can park in the parking garage for free all day and additional parking [...]

What's Your Mansfield CT Area Home Worth?  Just Ask.  We Promise Not to Unleash the Flying Monkeys

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey

We’ve seen an uptick in Homelight referrals, which means that local sellers are deferring to an algorithm to choose their real estate agent.  I get it.  You’re exhausted, stressed and on top of that,  contemplating selling your home.  There’s so much to do.  Can someone please just choose for me?  Cue the monkeys.

The flying monkey reference is from an email response we received from a [...]

CT "Time to Own Program" Puts Homeownership Within Grasp of Low-Middle Income First-time Buyers

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Home buyers in moderate, high or very high opportunity areas can get up to $50,000 in a forgivable loan to cover their down payment and closing costs to purchase their first home.   The loan is paid off over a span of ten years with one tenth being forgiven every year at the anniversary [...]

Come Hell and High Water. How to Manage Increased Rainfall on Your Connecticut Property

A Photo of a Pond in New England During the Rain

New England has been experiencing more rainfall and more intense storms due to the increasing amounts of CO2 in our atmosphere —which  is effectively an insulating blanket around our planet—pushing temperatures on land and sea to rise.  In Rhode Island, known as the "ocean state", annual precipitation has risen by 5 inches since 1950 and the [...]

Please Bug Me. The Importance of Nurturing A Healthy Insect Population on Your Property.

Insect on Exterior of Home

The insect population has dropped by 45% over the last 4 decades.  40% of all insects are at risk of extinction.   It’s our fault.  Habitat loss, rampant pesticide use, millions of acres of sterile grass and urbanization and the replacement of native plants with pest-resistant ornamentals, are responsible for the putting insects in imminent [...]

HST Number 1 in 2021 Real Estate Sales in Mansfield 20-Town Area

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Freudenfreude:  taking delight in someone else's achievement, the opposite of schadenfreude. 


You may be familiar with Schadenfreude, a word of German orgin, that has gotten new attention after appearing in an episode of Ted Lasso.  I ran across this word, freudenfreude, which aptly describes how I feel each and every day as the Broker [...]

CFSIC Cements Its Leadership Role in Crumbling Basement Advocacy with Impressive 2021

Home with a Crumbling Basement

Many milestones were met or exceeded this year in the efforts to aid homeowners with crumbling basements in Eastern and Central Connecticut.   Amassing funds from state bond allotment, the Healthy Homes surcharge, interest, and donations, the [...]

“Heroin Town” No More. Willimantic Ranks #21 Safest College Town in America

The Safest College Towns in America 2021

18 years ago Willimantic’s reputation for rampant drug use was profiled by 60 Minute’s Dan Rather, who referred to Willi as a “drug infested small town."  This nationally televised report came on the heels of a 5-part series by the Hartford Courant which garnered a spot on the Pulitzer Prize finalist list for the photographer.  The town’s [...]

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Home Inspection

Congratulations, Your Home is in Tip Top Shape

If you are a seller, be prepared to vacate the home for the duration of the inspection.  A typical inspection will take 2-3 hours for an averaged sized (2,000 square feet +/-) home.  The buyer(s) will meet the home inspector of their choice at the home.  The home inspector must be licensed, registered with the state and [...]