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Stop Treating Me Like S&%$!   How to Give your Septic System Some Love

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Your septic system is in most cases, unseen, unclean, and unloved.  Septic repairs and replacements can be a huge expense that buyers and sellers are forced to confront after a septic inspection reveals issues that will need to be negotiated before a sale will take place.  If you have city water and sewer you should still observe the [...]

Back to Basics: The ABC's of Filing A Claim for Your Crumbling Basement

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A Apply

B Be proactive

C Complete the application

D Determine Your Type of Claim

E Evaluate/Estimate Your Out of Pocket Expenses

F Find a Foundation Replacement Contractor

G Gather documents

H Home Inspector

I Insurance Claim (denial or acceptance)

J Jump on Collaborating Insurers Website/CROG Gap Funding to establish eligibility

K Know the [...]

Vertigo: Navigating the Zeniths and Depths of the 2023 Mansfield Storrs CT Real Estate Market

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 As we kissed 2023 goodbye for it's hellacious buyer's market (inventory at a 28-year low) and an incredibly lucrative year for sellers who could find something to move to, (national median price of $389,900),  it's time to reflect on the rollercoaster ride that was the real estate market in the Mansfield-Storrs-UConn, CT area. From soaring [...]

Building Lot 12 Jackson Lane Mansfield for Sale with HST

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HST Home Selling Team is pleased to offer the last lot in Aurora Estates, 12 Jackson Lane in Mansfield Center.  This lot is the last for sale in a 6-lot subdivision of New England-style attractive homes.  Soils are great on this 2.25-acre lot, without ledge, water, or wetlands.  The lot is lightly wooded with some larger trees to add [...]

This Is Not Your Beautiful House. Deed-Theft Cases On The Rise

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I recently read about a CT homeowner who discovered that a $1.5 million dollar home was being built by a developer on a vacant lot that he owned for 70 years after a forged deed prompted a fraudulent sale.  The developer, who claims he was unaware he was not buying the land from the real landowner, may be out hundreds of thousands of [...]

Coming in Hot! How to Care for a Paved Driveway in the Summer Heat

House with Paved Driveway

Coming in Hot! How to care for your paved driveway in the summer


I recently had the top part of my driveway replaced in front of the garage and because the remainder was still in excellent condition after 20 years, had an “overlay” over the remainder.  Not once in the 12 years I have lived here have I thought about the driveway or [...]

Listings Coming Soon in the Mansfield Storrs UConn Area with HST

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Still searching for that perfect home?  Inventory shortages have affected both first-time buyers and move-up buyers.  You can't sell if there's nothing to buy!  You can't buy if there's nothing for sale! HST Home Selling Team has 5 new listings Coming Soon in Willington, Eastford, Mansfield, Chaplin, & Lebanon and more coming on the market [...]

HST Agents Tops in Real Estate Sales in the Mansfield CT Area for 2022

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2022 was an exciting and prosperous year at HST.  We worked, we collaborated, we learned, we worked some more.  2021 was a different year:  we masked, we gloved, we cleaned, we zoomed, we learned, and worked a lot, sometimes with stressed clients and stressed agents.   In 2022, as the COVID pandemic has slowly lessened its stranglehold on [...]

Sellers: Do You Hear What I Hear? Buyers Buying This Year

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It is said that one for the first things a buyer imagines when they look at a home is where they can put their Christmas tree.  Yet, this is the season when many homeowners contemplate removing their currently active listing from the real estate market or are hesitant about [...]

A Boo-tiful Halloween Weekend in Store for Mansfield Storrs and Windham

Child with Halloween Mask

The weather looks good and the treats aplenty in the local area for Halloween celebrating this weekend.  

The Mansfield Downtown Partnership will host Trick-or-Treat in Downtown Storrs on Saturday, October 29 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

This event is free, open to everyone, and takes place rain or shine.

Children are invited to dress in their [...]

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