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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I can’t think of enough good things to say about Georgieanna, I really can’t. This was my first time selling and buying a house and she helped us with it all. She goes above and beyond the job to keep the train on the tracks and to make sure all sides of the equation are doing their part. She’s also ALWAYS available. She responds late at night, early morning, and even when she’s away for the weekend. She never hesitated once to drop everything to help us. All of her advice was accurate and listening to her really paid off. We must have seen 10 homes in our search and she never once made us feel like we were inconveniencing her. Plus she does all of the research right down to who did the foundation! She’s wonderful and if you need a realtor I highly recommend her. And she’s so damn nice!

After experiencing a very stressful visit to Connecticut during Covid and dealing with my fathers unexpected passing away I was left to deal with the selling of my fathers home on my own (not being from the USA made it a challenge). Fortunately I had met Sue Esposito previously and asked her for assistance with this endeavor. I could not have had a more helpful agent. From listing the home, helping with what needed to be repaired and options on who to hire. I could not have done this without her and her team .

She was amazing! Very helpful throughout the process, encouraging, honest about the advantages and drawbacks of various properties. I would use her again in a heartbeat, and I highly recommend her!

My name is Haxel my wife and I recently bought our first home. We went into this not really knowing anything and we knew by getting a realtor it would help us out in the long run. So we started looking at realtor.com and found the different agents on the site but Jeanne stood out for us she came highly recommended alot of good reviews. We messaged her and she agreed to work with us, she helped us understand everything we were not sure on or confused about and made the process a little less stressful. It ultimately paid off we were able to find the home we wanted to be in and the one we wanted to raise our family in. Without Jeanne we probably would still be looking and still lost but luckily thats not the case, I highly recommend Jeanne to anyone looking for a home.


"After deciding we wanted to explore selling our home we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. While we felt we had an excellent, well-maintained property the housing market and the unique nature of our location and house presented challenges. So we called Brian. That was one of our best decisions. Brian proved his worth-literally. He knew who to talk to, how to talk to them and advised us on preparation, strategy and marketing our property. He was outstanding to work with. Throughout the entire process we felt comfortable trusting him to represent our best interests. In short order he and his team helped us sell our home netting better than anticipated terms and price. We’d recommend to anyone thinking of selling their property talk to Brian. He’s one of the good guys."

Highly recommended Sondra as your agent. She went above and beyond searching and researching all prospective homes. Sondra always made herself available for showings and phone calls, she not only is a Great experienced agent but we consider her as part of the family!

"My husband and I are so glad that we found Georgieanna! She is a truly outstanding professional, who is also very knowledgeable, dedicated, honest, and patient. We had a wonderful experience working with Georgieanna and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell. She will be there for you!"

We can’t say enough about Jeanne! She took care of all the small details, communicated with us throughout the entire process of selling our house and gave us great advice. We highly recommend her and will definitely use her for all our real estate needs in the future.


Sondra is a fantastic agent, this really can't be overstated. Sondra was my selling agent in 2020, for the same home that she was my buying agent for in 2014. She is such a warm, kind, and hardworking person who starts her day at 5:00 a.m.. She always goes above and beyond what is expected of an agent (and she volunteers her time to help those in need on those rare occasions when she is not working). Sondra knows everyone in the area that you need to get things done - carpenters, painters, attorneys, town clerks, home inspectors, etc. If you are moving to the area you will likely be reaching out to Sondra long after you've bought your home. When I bought my home in 2014 I needed non-standard language in our agreement and she was totally willing to accommodate. She helped me get a great home in my budget, and she was able to help me sell my home for my target price. Sondra can also find homes for renters, and can find renters for homes. You may be tempted to pick a big name real estate agency, and then you will get someone who is an hour away from the home you want to buy or sell. I am so glad that I picked Sondra, she never missed a beat.

Tim was my realtor for the purchase of an investment property in the Mansfield area. When I first met him I was very impressed with his knowledge of the local rental market as the plan is to rent out the property that I purchased. He is also honest, when he saw a house he didn't like, he told me, and also explained why. He was very easy to communicate with and kept all parties involved on top of things so the deal closed on time and smoothly. I would highly recommend Tim as a realtor.

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