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Lagging Inventory Creates A Sellers Market as Buyers Don Beer Goggles to Accept Less Than The Perfect Home

Are you a seller with a place to go when your home sells faster than the snow melting on your roof?  Start packing. This is the market you've been waiting for.  The housing supply remains tight and after back to back March Nor’easters in Eastern CT we are experiencing increased pent up demand for inventory as temperatures warm and mortgage rates rise just slightly.    

I have watched new listings hit the market and enjoy a flurry of showings and quick offers.  For a seller with a desirable property in a sought after area, it can be like fishing a stocked pond.  The minute your bait hits the water you’ve got a school of hungry fish and at least one bite. Granted, not all are hooked but multiple showings and offers is a good day of fishing.  This market can also be fortuitous for those sellers with location, amenity or maintenance-challenged properties.  A lack of competing inventory can make even the most discerning buyer reach for their beer goggles. 

What is my property worth right now you say?  Easy answer here.  We don’t currently offer an instant valuation tool on our website.  Frankly, I’ve not seen one accurate enough to invest in but we can give you a pretty tight number (with an error factor 0f 5-15% if we don’t get a visual inspection) based on neighborhood sales and competing inventory and our collective experience of about 200 years.  

The HSTimate at HST Real Estate Mansfield CTIf you don’t mind company, you may want to experience our HSTimate— A team effort to ensure sellers maximize their price and minimize their market time.  Our team visits your home aHST agents at a HSTimate in Mansfield CTnd provides written feedback on recommended repairs, updates and suggested list price.  Learn more about the HSTimate, a Home Selling Team exclusive sure to trump any algorithm. 

 Our Coming Soon pages on the website spring to life at winters end with buyers and real estate agents hoping to get the jump on new inventory in the early stages of readying for sale.   Properties appearing on our coming soon pages are in the process of making recommended repairs, updates and general sprucing up to become show-ready before they go active in the MLS.   If you are a seller and would like to add your property to HST coming soon please contact us.