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Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give a Dog A Home

An Associated Press poll reveals that more people like dogs than like cats.  In a survey of just under 2000 people, 59% of who were pet owners (mostly of dogs or cats) 74% said they liked dogs “a lot” but only 41% said the same thing about cats.  Only 2% said they disliked dogs “a lot”, but 15% feel that way about cats.  The poll is from 2009 so it would be interesting to see if the sentiment has changed in the last ten years due to the proliferation of dog and cat videos on social media.  


The people surveyed explained their opinions with comments such as dogs are more loyal, cats only care about themselves, dogs want to please their owners, and cats are “1,000 times” smarter than dogs.  There is plenty of passion on both sides of the dog v. cat debate. 


It seems dogs rule at Home Selling Team as well, with 8 of us (RIP Remy) having dogs.   One of our agents and dog owners, Sondra Reid just received her Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent designation. 

First time home buyers are usually excited about buying a home that can accommodate pets.  If you’ve lived in an apartment or dorm that has restricted pets, a home of your own is an opportunity to indulge your love of dogs (or cats).  And while you’re at it, why not add a donation to your local animal rescue at the same time?

The HST Homerover Program will donate $250 to Our Companions Animal Rescue  in Ashford, CT in your name when you sell or purchase a home through Home Selling Team.  See details on our Homerover page.   This offer is valid for cat lovers too!