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The Bright Side of Selling Your Home in the Summer

bright side of selling Buyers Prefer to Buy in the Summer

Kids are out of school and families are relocating.  New semesters and many academic jobs start in the fall and everyone would like to be settled by then.  There are more buyers hunting with more availability to look at homes on weekdays and weeknights with the whole family in tow.  Your friends and relatives may have more time to help you move or pack!  And some buyers use their summer vacation time to move and get situated in their new home.  

Let There Be Light

More daylight means more opportunities for showings.  If you are priced correctly and have followed the advice of your agent, more showings should mean the more buyers you have to choose from.  It also is more convenient for you to leave for showings;  taking the dog for a walk or taking a bike ride during a showing is more feasible on a July evening than in November.

Now or Almost Never

Summer  is  boom time for inventory.  If a buyer has been slow to act on previous listings that did not check all their boxes or is waiting for just the right house, this is the time to act to get settled by fall.  Buyers should feel some urgency about buying as the summer months pass and they still have not made a decision.  Once school starts in the fall, the market cools and less inventory is available. 

And Now, the Dark Side:   

Be Prepared to Compete:

Competition is fierce in the summer real estate market.  You must be summer –ready if you hope to snare your share of the attention.   Ask your agent for  recommendations about repairs and/or updates to maximize your selling price. Have your property professionally staged and use a professional photographer.  Indulge in some tough love and price your home competitively if you plan to move by fall. 

'Tis the Season and Everyone is Busy

Expediting a transaction in the summer is an epic feat.  Real Estate professionals and any other vendor you will come in contact with during your transaction is typically flat out this time of year.  Be prepared to wait a bit longer for professional photos, staging, inspections, lawyers and the appraiser.  You may be able to help this a little by closing on your purchase at the beginning of the month instead of the end like everyone else.   

Baby It’s Cold and Expensive  Inside

Keep your air conditioning on at a comfortable temperature in the summer if your home is for sale.  Yes, it will cost you.  You don’t want to leave for work and have the inside temperature of your home soar to 85 degrees and have buyers fleeing to their car for relief.  You want them to stay, look around and envision their cool future in your cool home.  You also want to avoid any dampness or musty smells that rear their smelly heads in the summer humidity.  Mildew odors and bad smells are a deal killer for buyers.  

Summer Selling Tip : 

Create a Summer Vibe

You may not have an outdoor kitchen or gorgeous pergola but you can enhance what you have.  There are many things you can do to make your outdoors a casual and laid back addition to your living space.   Put some potted flowers out on the patio, add some summer pillows to a lounge chair, place an indoor/outdoor carpet under your table and chairs.  There is all kinds of inexpensive outdoor lighting that you can string in and around a patio or porch.  

Thinking of putting your home on the market this summer?  It's not too late!  Contact us today.  Thinking of selling in the next year or so and just want advice?  We're here for you.  We sold 1 out of every 5 homes sold in the local area in 2018. We are the local experts.