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Best of HST, Domelight and Billow

I find its imperative these days to incessantly use our name, links, key words, meta tags, hash tags, buzz words, hyper-local words, shop-local words just to stay relevant and top-of-mind to local real estate buyers and sellers and our own friends and neighbors.  While it can make for some clunky reading, Google demands it for attention and thus, I conform.  In the old days of print media, I used many slogans to reinforce our presence, tout our programs and increase our appeal such as:

Real Estate is Not Our Hobby

Not Just another Pretty Face (a favorite of many)

You Don’t Pay More for Experience, You Get More

Sell Your Home for More Money in Less Time

You’ll be SOLD on Us

Your Home Sold in 120 Days or We Buy It

HSTimate-Local Data & Experience is our Algorithm

Like many brick and mortar businesses battling internet interlopers and profiteering middlemen, it behooves us to evaluate the value and relevance of the service we provide to our community as Realtors.

So how do we do that?

  • By staying abreast of local real estate sales, deposits and expired listings. 
  • By attending on-going education in real estate technology, sales, negotiating, probate issues, land development, investment real estate commercial real estate. 
  • By providing trusted vendors and affiliates to ensure that your real estate transaction goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible.   
  • By connecting buyers to a local lender that will work with us in getting you pre-qualified and positioned to be the winning bidder on the property you want.
  • By following up with lenders and confirming financial qualifications on your behalf before you accept an offer that will take your property off the market prematurely with a financially unsound buyer. 
  • By making recommendations for repairs and updates of the property and arranging for professional staging and photographs.
  • By hosting in-person open houses and showing properties, evenings, weekdays and weekends and at the client’s convenience.

We have always been supremely confident and proud of our ability to serve our local community and our reviews bear this out.

Why go direct to a local real estate office such as Home Selling Team?  Because Zillow doesn’t know if a property has the potential to have a crumbling basement, that the neighboring property is a hot mess or why that house has been on and off the market for 2 years, Zillow hasn't seen it, they can’t hear it, and they can’t smell it.  They’re not agents.  They’re an algorithm.  Although useful, like any machine, it has its limits. 

And in case you are confused, Homelight is not a real estate company.  And it is not free.  They do not “have” agents or employ agents.  We are the agents.  They are the pimps.  It's like Tinder for Realtors. They exist solely on the premise that you will accept a Realtor—that they have determined through an algorithm —to be your real estate soul mate and further, that agents will pay the required ransom.  Ransom, by the way, that can include my neighbors, long-time business acquaintances and past clients. 

One of our agents was recommended by Homelight  as a listing agent for a property in Ellington.  Really?  No previous sales in Ellington ever. And I can tell you that they were definitely not soul mates.