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Got Woods? Love Birds? There's Funding For That!

According to a recent study,  bird populations have plummeted by 29% since 1970.  The news is staggering.  Not just for birds. For us.  Birds play a large role in our ecosystem. 

According to the study, more than 700 million birds across 31 species that make their homes in fields and farmlands have vanished since 1970. 

We were first alerted of the dangers of DDT through Rachel Carson's environmental best seller, Silent Spring published in 1962.  Our continued use of pesticides and the conversion of important nesting habitat, grasslands and pastureland  to cropland has created Silent Skies.  

If you are a landowner in CT, RI or MA with 10+ acres of woodland and no existing management plan, you may be eligible to receive a grant to obtain a forest management plan with bird habitat assessments.

 The program is made possible through the collaboration of The Last Green Valley (TLGV), the MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership (MassConn) and the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD).  The program deadline in CT and RI is December 31, 2019, so you should make your application soon.  MA has rolling enrollment so you may apply at any time.  

A forester will walk through your property and in conjunction with an Audubon representative from your state will create a management plan that aligns with your goals for the property. The grant will completely cover the cost of the habitat assessment and the owner will be responsible for choosing the forester from the approved list and paying a portion of the cost for the management plan.  As the program meets state and federal requirements, you may also be eligible for a tax deduction.   Here is a list of eligible towns in all 3 states. 

Interested?  Contact the lead partner below for your state.

For Connecticut Projects – Bill Reid, 860-774-3300;  Connecticut Application: Forest Management Plan – EQIP Application Package 10-1-19

For Massachusetts Projects – Christopher Riely, 401-225-6135;
 Massachusetts Application:  Forest Management/Stewardship Plan MA EQIP Application Package 10-1-19

For Rhode Island Projects – Kate Sayles, 401-934-0840;
 Rhode Island Application: Forest Management Plan – EQIP Application Package 10-1-19

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